Welcome! Our mission is "to create and promote interest in horticulture, floral and landscape design, and plant and bird life, and to encourage civic and environmental responsibility." To learn more about our club, visit our About section, or scroll down to see some of our exciting upcoming events!

Fallbrook Garden Club was established in 1931. Is a charter member of California Garden Clubs, Inc./PaIomar District, a member of Pacific Region Garden Clubs, Inc., and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

General Meetings

Meets at Fallbrook Community Center, 341 Heald Lane
On the last Tuesday of each month, Sept-June (except Dec)
12:30-Social; 1:00-Business; 2:00-Program

Masks are no longer required indoors in California, with a few exceptions.

But they are still strongly recommended.



Tuesday, May 31, General Meeting Guest Speaker will be   Jodi Bay

Garden hand tools are as big a part of gardening as seeds and plants.

Selecting and using the right tool makes the work easier and safer for the plant and the gardener.

This presentation will cover the different types of tools, uses, and what will work best for a particular task. 

Additional topics are:

  • Adaptive garden tools.
  • Understanding the cost vs. value of garden tools.
  • Staying safe while using garden hand tools.
  • Garden tool maintenance.

Coffee in the Garden

 Take an informal tour at individual members home gardens.

Sign up sheets are at the side tables at the General Meetings.


Members your current membership expires June 30.

Please renew now for the

July 1 2022 thru June 30 2023 season.


            Fallbrook Garden Club

   Is Awarded Non-Profit of the Year

We are excited to announce that Fallbrook Garden Club has been named the

2021 Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of the Year. 

This award is in recognition of the many ways the Garden Club has contributed to community beautification and the community projects that exemplify our commitment to our “Friendly Village.” 

We will have the plaque and certificates we received on display at the May General Meeting so all Members can share in this honor.

Norma & Judy, co-presidents

Native Plant of the Month


Arctostaphylos cruzensis

Arroyo de la Cruz Manzanita

Arroyo de la Cruz Manzanita is a rare low growing shrub that is endemic to the beaches and bluffs of Central California. It is rarely seen in nurseries.

This manzanita makes an excellent ground cover, forming a loosely interwoven mat about 2 feet high and with a potential spread of about 9 feet. Leaves are a nice fresh green. The pale-pink flowers appear in large clusters in January or February. This species grows in soil varying from sand thru red clay to near adobe and tolerates salt.

Plant in full sun or filtered shade on the coast and give at least one mid-summer watering. In interior valleys, filtered shade and monthly water are recommended.

Other ground covers such as Yerba buena, Hearst's ceanothus, and Ceanothus grisues variations would grow well with this plant. Showy flowers such as Seaside daisies, Beach asters, and Douglas irises would work well in coastal areas with this rare specimen.

FYI, you can order natives online at Moosa Creek Nursery and ask them to deliver to Grangetto’s here in Fallbrook.

-By Judy Loser (permission from Moosa Creek Nursery)

image: 2005 Dieter Wilken


Membership Benefits

Join the Fallbrook Garden Club to enjoy the benefits the club has to offer.

  • member education through speakers, workshops, tours, and field trips;
  • the opportunity for community involvement and civic beautification;
  • public education through flower shows and garden tours;
  • scholarships; and
  • creating lasting friendships while having fun!

The following suppliers will give members a discount:

  • Crop Production Services (Varies) 
  • Fallbrook Irrigation (Varies)
  • Fallbrook Succulents & Cacti (10%)
  • Grangetto’s (10%)
  • Ace Hardware (5% on plants only)
  • Madd Potter Nursery (10%)
  • Major Market Floral Department (10%) *
  • Serra Gardens Succulents (10%)
  • Southwest Boulder & Stone (10%)
  • Good Earth Nursery (10%) 

Note that policies are always subject to change, and certain exclusions may apply. 

Support our local merchants...they support us! 

*Item must be marked-down by Floral Dept. before purchase 



"If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener"

Chinese Proverb