Herbal Solutions

Keeping well and staying that way is everyone’s priority, especially now. In a time when flu, new types of virus and even the common cold seem to be affecting many of us, herbs and their essential oils can help. While diffusing herbal essential oils won’t cure your ills, diffusing might just prevent these germs from attacking in the first place. Already under the weather? A natural, pleasant, aromatic environment will surely promote your physical and mental wellbeing. 100% pure organic therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly concentrated plant extractions of fruits, leaves, flowers or other parts of nature, collected through either distillation, cold pressing or resin tapping. I have been diffusing essential oils for over twenty years. I have found this type of aromatherapy is proven to positively affect overall health and mental faculties. Start your own essential oil apothecary with a quality diffuser and the top ten oils. Lavender, Chamomile, Tea tree, Peppermint, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Orange, Lemongrass, Rosemary, and Ginger essential oils have amazing benefits. Diffusing can help, or possibly prevent headaches, congestion, pain, memory loss, nausea and cold symptoms. Experiment with different blends to learn what works best for you. Seek out reputable sources for blends, such as Mayo Clinic. Don’t stand over your diffuser, or rub essential oils directly on your skin. Wash hands after mixing your blends. Don’t ingest essential oils! Always follow your diffuser’s directions.

I’ve also found another great herbal helper to be “smudging.” To “smudge” is to cleanse the air around you. Although it can be done with a variety of different herbs, Sacred White Sage is your number-one smudger. A small bundle of White Sage is tied and lighted to create a cleansing smoke to purify the air and create a healthy, positive environment. This medicinal smoke can play havoc with fire alarms, so a smokeless smudge spray is now also available. Or, why not try a natural soy, white sage candle.

Science has proven that Sacred White Sage does have antiseptic, bacteria-killing properties. Once abundant in Southern and Baja California, overexploitation has seen its serious decline. Thankfully, conscientious-minded gardeners are growing organic White Sage in their own gardens. You will find that diffusing and/or smudging using herbs is a highly effective way to cleanse and freshen the air around you. Herbs have served man throughout history for different purposes, and will continue to do so. Whether used culinarily, spiritually, to heal, prevent or protect, always delight in their use!

By Cheryl Balster