Over the past year I have lost interest in the “mindful” preoccupation being drilled into almost every aspect of our lives. And if you believe you are not mindful of your actions, countless magazines, newspapers, talk shows on radio and TV and aisles of books at stores and in the library will show you how to turn your mindless life around. The fact is, I am mindful. Always have been. I am a gardener. I am mindful of Nature, and all that it comprises. The environment, the soil, what I grow in that soil as well as what I give back to it have always been paramount in my mind. I know this holds true for most of the people in this world, no matter their profession. We know we are all connected. Being mindful of that fact, we try to make this a better world everyday.

Implying that I am not mindful of what food goes into my body makes me almost resentful. When I see so many at the different farmers’ markets in the area, all looking for the freshest sustainably and organically grown foods to purchase, I know the “mindless” accusation is just a trending subject that sells. Buying into believing you are not mindful is the pitfall.

Growing and eating herbs are great ways to keep your wonderful mind sharp and your body healthy. While most herbs benefit us, some especially benefit our minds. Though some herb gardeners are always looking for that new or unknown herb to grow, most “brain” herbs are very common. Some to grow and use are sage, lemon balm, rosemary garlic, tulsi, parsley, thyme, peppermint and chamomile. Also, grow herbs associated with curries of all kinds. There are also many summertime curries that contribute to good brain health.

By Cheryl Balster