Vertical Gardening

Gardeners are not limited to the ground underneath their feet. Vertical gardening is becoming widespread as gardeners take their creativity to new heights.

Vertical edible gardening has many advantages:
Saves space
Makes harvesting easier
Can be constructed wherever you have sun
Can provide privacy
Easy to maintain

Vining plants are grown vertically to take up much less space so a vertical container allows you to grow more in smaller areas like a patio or deck. Vertical gardens also allow for use of non-traditional spaces like walls and fences. Vertical spaces make maintaining your garden easier since problems like weeds, ground-dwelling pests, and soil-borne diseases basically become non-existent.

While edible gardens are wonderful, many of us just want the beauty of flowers. Things as simple as turning birdhouses, teacups, and old mailboxes into miniature garden spaces, repurposing old furniture and bathtubs, allow for the gardener to transform gardens into works of art.

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